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Friday, 18 July 2014


We know what to say - I 'M we are invoking the action of God in we and our life, and in this way, we open the door to powerful intelligence to express yourself in the outside world. For this, you need to relax taking seat and calming, I external. This will fuel energy, each time it We need.

Not due for attention on one thing that we do not want. The feeling joyful is more effective than all efforts desperate and sad because joy means love, and love is freedom of God manifested in everything.

Every human being to perfection, the beauty and abundance; This demonstrates that-I 'M to express these attributes, lights the desire in mind and in heart of man, so that this will serve as an instrument of demonstrations. If the be human enables PRESENCE - I 'M what is in it, that Act consciously SHE will work on the body, making it the most pure and perfect, more beautiful and harmonious.

Everyone can enter the Kingdom of-I am-and ask that your will is made, thus on the sky above be, how on Earth more dense physical body.
This refers to wise Biblical assertion: "Abide tranquil and know that I AM GOD, that is: you must soothe the mind so that I am acting with his power dynamic in the life of each one. This confirms that every external form is nothing other than the garb of-I 'M who uses it to express themselves in the eighth denser in the be human is submerged.