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Sunday, 27 November 2016

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The words of Jesus - Reflections for every Week 8

Put in your hands the keys of knowledge, power, and love for your happiness and venture. Your fault if you do not wish to use. The conditions are always the same principle: namely, to Dare and above all shut up.
These lessons should be prepared for an extensive internal course\comprising 365 weeks or 7 years, requiring a real INITIATION\INTERNAL. Who puts in your hands, the reduced the 365 days, loading, of course, with the responsibilities of the case.
Ye shall know that-I 'M- is the presence of GOD IN EVERY HUMAN. One should never forget this. I am (it) life, light, SUBSTANCE, intelligence and activity (in him we live, we move and there be), unconsciously. The goal of these practices is to prepare ourselves to consciously feel our Union with the father - I 'M GOD INTIMATE.
The man has two "Selves", or is comprised of two entities: the I personally, body, the goal or CARNAL as calls Saint Paul, and that has its own mind; and I 'M, which through its attributes, (the physical body and the mind) have life and can move.
Each time the man says-I 'M- a single substance from which God formed Heaven and Earth, sets in motion. "Light is", and the fluid and vibration if put in motion. Say-I 'M- is working on this light, and its surroundings, about whole nature submissive alteration of intelligence.

I am the DIVINE PRESENCE that illuminates the entire aspirant who wants dedicate himself to live, to discover all wisdom of ages.
His dedication the ecologist an immaculate and character will be strong and sexually Buster their inner beasts.

These teachings hermetic if practice for thousands of years in Egypt, and were revealed, only those worthy of them.

The aspirant must know that he is the only modulator of your world and non-participant formulating the other, through their feelings, thoughts, and deeds. This way, should never forget their duty permanent load the mind, body, the place, the world and all activity with love - I am - and the world itself  three times per day, must practice concentration during five minutes of each time; these times should mute the external or close the door of the room, as teaches Jesus. Should meditate in silence and then call the – I'm the presence of GOD in ACTION-and all constructive desire takes place as by a miracle. Meditation during the five minutes should be as an invocation of mind I'M staff aims to and the assertion WILL BE LIKE the answer I'M invocation.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Words of Jesus - Reflections for every Week 7


A unique revelation by a mysterious Female Deity, stressing the importance of the essential ''I am-ness''. Also known as the ''Perfect Mind'', it contains parallels with ancient Indian literature which refers to the I AM form.

I have issued from a Great Power and visit all who contemplate me; I have discovered by those  who search diligently.

Pay attention those that meditate upon me, and listen well!
All of you who are patiently waiting, take me to your Self!

Don't dismiss me from your mind and don't let your inner voices despise me; don't forget me at any time or place; be watchful!

I am the first and the last, I am both respect and ignored, I am both harlot and holy.

I am wife and virgin, mother and daughter, organs of my mother, barren, yet many are my sons.

I am She whose marriage is auspicious, but I am husbandless.

I am the midwife who doesn't carry the balm of birth pains. I am bride and groom sired by spouse; I am a mother of my father, sister of my husband, and he's my son.

I am the slave of He who anointed me, I am the ruler of my children, but He is the One from whom I was born. He shall be my Son in time; my strength is from Him!

I am the rod of His potency in His youthful virility, and He is the staff of my old age. Whatever He wills, happens.

I am the unfathomable silence and the thought that comes often, the voice of many sounds, and the word that appears frequently.

I am the meaning of my Name. Why am I despised? Do you love me and hate those who love me too?

If you deny me then admit me, You who pretend, to tell the truth about me, really lie.

Yet you who've lied about me also tell the Truth. If you know me, forget me, and those who don't know me, let them know!

I am knowledge and ignorance. I am embarrassment and effrontery, shameless and ashamed. I am courage and fight.

I am war and peace. Listen! I am disgraced yet almighty.

Notice my poverty and richness. Don't be unkind to me when I'm thrown out upon the ground.

You'll find me hidden in those yet to come; don't peer at me when I'm on the dung heap.

Don't desert me or cast me out; you'll find me in the Kingdom.

Don't gaze at me when I'm ejected in disgrace, nor mock me.

Don't hurl me amongst those who are slain violently. I am merciful and cruel.

Be vigilant! Don't despise my servitude. Don't admire my self-control; don't forsake me in my ineptitude.

Never fear my power; don't hate my timidity or pour scorn on my arrogance.

I am She who dwells in all terror , the strength, and the trembling.

I am  She who is pathetic and pleased in a pleasant place. I am stupid and I am wise.

Why do you despise me in your councils? I'll be quiet among the quiet.

I shall manifest and speak, yet why do Greeks hate me? I am a Philistine among Philistines, yet have the wisdom of Athens and craftiness of the barbarians.

My image is great in ancient Egypt but is nothing amongst Philistines.

I've been hated everywhere but also adored. I am that which people call life and you call death.

I am called the law and lawlessness. I am the hunted and captured.

I am the dispersed and the collected. I don't keep festivals but have many feasts.

I am both godless and She who knows God is Great! I am the One you've contemplated and mocked.

I am ignorant, yet I teach. I am despised, yet admired.

I am the One who conceals and then reveals herSelf.

But when you conceal yourSelf, I shall appear.

When you appear I'll hide. Hold me to your Self from comprehension and regret.

Take me to your Self in ugly and ruined places. Rob those who are good, even in their ugliness.

Ashamed, take me to yourSelf shamelessly; scold my organs in yourself.

Advance, all that know me and my organs; establish high creatures amongst the lowly.

March onto childhood; don't hate that state because it appears tiny. Don't reject greatness in smallness.

My nature is peace, but war comes from me.

I am an exile and a subject; I am substance and unsubstantial.

Those who do not cling to me are ignoramuses, but those who dwell in my substance know me.

Those who are close don't know me. When you are near, I'm distant.

On the day you're distant I am close. I am within, in your heart; I am your true nature, the creativity of your Self., fast and efficient autosurf
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The Words of Jesus - Reflections for Every Week 6

The Divinity of Christ

At the same time as Satisfactorily while Curing, Jesus performed Supplementary kinds of miracles. For many, these procedures sustenance The conception of his divinity. A number of of them as well served to strengthen the devotion of his disciples. For example, when Simon, James and John had ‘toiled all night time, use nothing’, with Jesus’ help ‘a great Large amount of fishes’ were wedged (Luke 5: 5,6). Then, in what Recognized as the Transfiguration, Jesus leads Peter, James and John up ‘an climax mountain’ where his ‘raiment became shining’ and then ‘appeared unto them Elias along with Moses’ (Mark 9:2, 3, 4). The dominance of this capture of imaginary is evident in the sense that many community now be capable of with no trouble take back the minutiae of the Feeding Of the Five Thousand, say, or Turning the Water into Wine, equal if they know insufficiently else of the Gospels.
Excluding not each one believes in the spirituality of Christ. The Jews, for insistence, have been awaiting the arrival of the Messiah (single who is anointed by God) while extensive more willingly than the time of Jesus. Nevertheless, the majority members of the Jewish Confidence Care about that Jesus has unsuccessful to fulfil the Messianic prophecies. On the supplementary and, even if several Muslims have faith in that Jesus sincerely was the Messiah, they regard him as creature no more than a enormous prophet.
A belief in the theology of Jesus is, of course, central to the devotion of most Christians. In attendance is, therefore, no disbelief in the minds of several believers that Jesus is the true Messiah. To them, he is plainly the Son of God. Perchance he did not fulfil the Messianic prophecies at some point in his schedule on earth, but he made it vindicate that he would do so at his Succeeding Introduction. But not all ‘Christians admit the divinity of Jesus. For example, even if several Unitarians think about it themselves as ‘Christians’ in the signification that they stay according to the teachings of Christ, they do not subscribe to the view of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and so they regard Jesus as having been obviously creature.

How do we know about Jesus?
Jesus himself did not ever write a book, but instead his words and deeds have been recorded by others. One of the most famous of these was St Paul. After persecuting the early Christians, Paul, or Saul as he was then, met the spirit of Jesus on the road to Damascus. The experience was then enough to propel him into preaching Christianity to the Gentiles at a time when Christianity was very much a Jewish sect. Many believe that Christianity would still have been a branch of Judaism without the work of Paul.
In fact, the earliest known Christians writings are the letters, or epistles, that St Paul sent to the churches he established on his travels around the Mediterranean. In spite of his obvious faith, however, it is considered likely that St Paul never actually met Jesus.
After St Paul, it could be said that most of what we know about Jesus is contained within the Four Gospels. The first three Gospels, those of St Matthew, St Mark and St Luke, are reasonably closely related in that they rely on similar sources. Because they can be studied by synopsis ( a summary of events taken from the same point of view) are known as the Synoptic Gospels. The Fourth Gospels, which is conventionally attributed to St John, differs significantly from the Synoptic Gospels. For instance, within it Jesus speaks at far greater length.
All of these Gospels are clearly biographical in Nature. They are perhaps not historical records as we understand the term, because they depend to a great extend on the author’s own position with regard to the events described. We cannot know if the events are real or whether they have been through the eyes of faith. There also appears to be a distinct reliance on established writings.
Some scholars suggest that the Synoptic Gospels were greatly influenced by the needs experienced by the communities that were served by their writers. Whether that is true or not, there is evidence that all of the writers relied upon a common source of material, which has become known as Q. The discoveries at Nag Hammadi in Egypt added weight to his belief. In December 1945, a sealed jar was discovered that contained some 52 texts, most of which were essentially Gnostics and Christians. Gnosticism is a religious movement that entertains a belief in the value of intuitive spiritual knowledge., fast and efficient autosurf

the Words of Jesus - Reflections for every Week 4

The Sermon on the Mount

The sources of the Sermon on the Mount are not straight away obvious. Nothing like some further parts the Synoptic Gospels (Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke), it appears to be obligated little to the Gospels of St Mark. Some scholars suggest that the Gnostic Gospel Of Thomas (see below) is one of the sources and that Q (a hypothetical collection of sayings on which the writers of the gospels were reputed to depend on) was another. Whatever the genuineness of these assumptions, the Sermon’s innermost message of love, humility and charity was worldwide and from it, in addition, came some of Jesus’ most important knowledge, such as the Beatitudes and Lord’s Prayer.
It is only organic, then, that we should begin our examination of Jesus’ teaching with some aspects of the Sermon on the Mount.
There was maybe nothing absolutely new in Jesus’ declaration that ‘whatsoever ye would that man should do to you, do ye even so to them’ (Matthew 7:12). This principle, often called the ‘Golden Rule’ is found in many religions. And does the catchphrase whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek,Become to him the supplementary also’ (Matthew 5:39) go every extra than simple pacifism? Possibly not, but Jesus’ teaching soon took a revolutionary turn.
For example, he not only preached forgiveness but as the Son of God he was able to lobby it: ‘the Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sins’ (Matthew 9:6). What was even more upsetting for several was that he said that God’s kingdom possibly will be entered by sinners as considerably as the righteous. John the Baptist had demanded regret above all. But Jesus received sinners even before they had repented. In the parable of the prodigal son, for instance, there is greater rejoicing over the son that ‘was lost, and is found’ (Luke 15:24) than the son who stayed behind: ‘thou art ever with me’ (Luke 15:31). Similarly, when Jesus was asked why he ate and drank with ‘publicans and sinners’, he answered ‘They that are the whole need, not a physician; but they that are sick’ (Luke 5:30, 31).
According to Jesus, ‘sinners’ could take precedence over the ‘righteous’. In a parable, he tells of a Pharisee who does all is required of him, but only for outward show, and a publican 9tax-collector) who knows he is a sinner: ‘God be merciful to me a sinner’ (Luke 18:13). The publican is more exalted than the Pharisee in the eyes of God. Jesus was telling people to look into their hearts, for merely observing the outward form of the religious laws was not enough.

The Forgiveness of Sins
As we have seen, Jesus had the power to forgive sins. This sometimes resulted in the person being physical, as well as spiritually, cured: ‘and Jesus...said unto the sick of the palsy...thy sins be forgiven thee’ (Matthew 9:2). Healing occupied a central position in Jesus’ ministry. During his lifetime it was thought that the battle between good and evil was fought by angels and demons. While angels were there to protect and intercede, caring for the welfare of mankind, demons were constantly lurking in the shadows, ready to snare soul. Many believed that the sick were possessed by devils so it is understandable that a number of so-called healers and miracle workers claimed to be able to cast them out.
It is not surprising, therefore, that much of Jesus’ healing was recorded as being the casting out of devils: ‘they brought him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word’ (Matthew 8:16). It was a concept that could readily be understood by the people of that time. Within the Gospels, the faithful was often healed by a touch:’If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole’ (Mark 5:28). Jesus’ growing reputation disturbed the Pharisees, though, and they responded by linking him with Satan:’He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils’ (Matthew 9:33,34).
Although Jesus’ outlook was apparently conditioned by the Torah, he ‘healed on the sabbath day’ (Luke 13:14) causing A large amount ‘righteous anger’, Predominantly between the Pharisees. However, his critics had no answer Once he asked them, with unsolvable common sense, whether they would rescue an ox or an ass from a pit on a matching day.A number of Jews, including Jesus, alleged there was a universal spiritual law. He clearly thinking it was right to go not in favour of the Torah and heal on the Sabbath if the Result was Necessary.
Jesus also offered the hope of surviving death: ‘If a man keeps my saying, he shall never see death’ (John 8:51). There are three instances in the Gospels in which the dead are brought back to earthly life.
The rising of Lazarus is perhaps the best-known example: ‘And he that was dead came forth’ (John 11:43, 44). The supreme sacrifice of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection that followed perhaps made believers think that the promise of eternal was just as real., fast and efficient autosurf

The Words of jesus - Reflections for Every Week

The Resurrection and the Life

On the Break of day of the subsequent day, the women who had followed Jesus Since Galilee went to the Grave, but ‘they establish the stone rolled Left...and found not the Essence of the Lord Jesus’ (Luke 24:2,3). An guardian angel told them that ‘he is risen from the dead’ (Matthew 28:7).
At that time two of the disciples went to Emmaus, Everywhere Jesus came to them. At first, they did not recognize him, but then ‘their eyes were opened, and they knew him’ (Luke 24:31).At what time they returned to the additional Disciples, he appeared another time, but they were all ‘terrified and affrighted’ (Luke 24:37). Jesus reassured them by means of adage, ‘handle me, and see; for a Essence hath not flesh and bones’ (Luke 24:39).
Jesus’ final memo to his disciples was to ‘Lead to ye consequently, and clarify all nations’ (Matthew 28:19). Then ‘he was parted as of them, and passed up into heaven’ (Luke 24:51), where he was joyfully received and ‘sat on the accurately hand of God’ (Mark 16:19).

Ministry of Jesus
The ministry of Jesus was short by any values - it lasted possibly no more than three years ) less according to several) - but what he said and did in that period became the foundation of a devotion that has reached greatly into the hearts and lives of countless millions of people. Unchanging in a Humankind in which sacred observance could be said to be in decline, the authority of Jesus has dimmed nevertheless little. Time is immobile measured in Expressions of Previously Christ (BC) and Past Christ (AD) (thought BCE and CE are at this instant frequently used). It is Almost two millennia since Jesus said, ‘Heaven and Earth shall take place gone: but my terms shall not leave behind away’  (Mark 13:31), but his insight is as veritable at this instant as once he spoken it.
Not like Muhammad, who reputedly dictated the Qur'an declaration for word as a manual for the faithful, Jesus did not produce a conventional religion. Instead, the purpose of his ministry was to ‘preach the kingdom of God’ (Luke 4:43) and illustrate people how to aware before he gave his living on the Cross as payment for the sins of the world. It seems  the contemplation that the Kingdom of God was not to far away, because he preached, like John the Baptist, ‘Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand' (Matthew 4:17), and warned that ‘the hour is coming’ (John 5:25). He was assisted in his ministry by a unimportant set of followers, the Twelve Apostles, and a figure of supplementary people who were described as his disciples.

Judaic Roots of Jesus’ Teaching
For the reason, that of the time and Location in which he was natural, the teaching of Jesus was very greatly rooted in Judaism, a sophisticated religion in a world in which paganism was rife. Judaism was an Archetype launch pad for Christianity in that it was underpinned by a strong belief in God the Father, the bountiful of alms and the necessary to lead a virtuous life. So To a large extent was Jesus a Jew that various scholars have said that his main intent was to Create his fellow Jews look severely into the Torah (body of conventional Jewish teaching). Jesus’ insistence on the sacredness of wedding perhaps owes much to that tradition.
Most of Christians Consider the Sermon on the Mount as a commentary on the Ten Commandments;Countless see it as containing the innermost creed of Christian discipleship. Then again, the mountainside Scenery of Matthew's description of this happening could Efficiently a reference to Moses, who delivered his beautifully revealed laws from Mount Sinai.Possibly the sermon was intentional as a Fresh Torah. When Jesus said ‘Imagine not that I am approach to destroy the directive or the prophets: I am come not to destroy, but to fulfil’ (Matthew 5:17), could it have been an expression of his desire to reinterpret Mosaic law?, fast and efficient autosurf, fast and efficient autosurf