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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Fibonacci Sequence Documentary - Golden Section Explained - Secret Teach...

The Fibonacci spiral is named after Italian mathematician Fibonacci. His 1202 book Liber Abaci introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics, although the sequence had been described earlier as Virahanka numbers in Indian mathematics. By modern convention, the sequence begins either with F0 = 0 or with F1 = 1. The sequence described in Liber Abaci began with F1 = 1.

Fibonacci numbers are closely related to Lucas numbers. They are intimately connected with the golden ratio or golden mean; for example, the closest rational approximations to the ratio are 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, ... 

Fibonacci numbers appear unexpectedly often in mathematics, so much so that there is an entire journal dedicated to their study, the Fibonacci Quarterly. Applications of Fibonacci numbers include computer algorithms such as the Fibonacci search technique and the Fibonacci heap data structure, and graphs called Fibonacci cubes used for interconnecting parallel and distributed systems. They also appear in biological settings, such as branching in trees, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a stem), the fruit sprouts of a pineapple, the flowering of an artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine cone's bracts. This movie also deals with the magical applications of the sequence, the pentagram or pentacle being a Fibonacci spiral borrowed directly from nature, and also many practical applications and mathematical ideas.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pólen - "Salto"



Fumo - Banda Pólen

Pólen - Sangue Novo

Pólen - Razão Natural

From my brother band Polen

Pólen - Razão Natural

Friday, 19 August 2016

The £1,000,000 banknote

The stunning £1,000,000 pound banknote

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sou o Alfa e o Ômega o Princípio e o Fim Parte IV

The Subsequent coming of the Messiah is the doors. In this new mini-series created by Jefferson Spadin you can watch a little sense of how it will be the Judgment Day. Merely persons who cry out to God knows he is very close. "Watch for me to find you not sleeping"

Rose Nascimento - Alfa e Omega

Coleção Hinos Antigos Vol. 1

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

It will an awesome spectacle to see T20 cricket in Olympics: Ricky Ponting

Like Ricky Ponting feels, I feel also, that it is important for the growth of the game to introduce T20 in the Olympics

PTI UK: Cricket at the Olympics?

With cricket looking set to join the Commonwealth Games when it is staged in Australia, Chappers and Buncey argue whether it should be back in the Olympics.

Cricket could feature in 2024 Olympics

Twenty20 cricket in the Olympics?


The Quint:Watch: Sachin Visits Games Village, Wants Cricket at the Olympics

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar visited the athlete’s village at the Rio Olympics on Saturday to wish Indian athletes competing at the Rio Games the best of luck.
Tendulkar is one of the ambassadors chosen to promote the Olympics in India in the lead up to the Rio Games. The master blaster has been in Rio for the past two days and attended the women’s rugby sevens matches along with International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach on Saturday.
He was also present at Sania Mirza and Prarthana Thombare’s clash against China’s Zhang Shuai and Pen Shuai.
The former Indian cricket captain also advocated that cricket must be included in the Olympics.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Talking Point - does cricket have a future in the Olympics? Cricket Worl...

Talking Point, the Cricket World team discuss cricket and the Olympics.

Cricket World is the website to visit for the latest breaking sports news from all around the world of cricket including Tests, ODIs and Twenty20s and major tournaments such as the ICC World Twenty20 2012, Champions Trophy 2013, ICC World Twenty20 2014, World Cup 2011, World Cup 2015 and the Indian Premier League. Also offering free live scores, live streaming, betting, photos and cricket videos, cricket tv and scorecards.

Cricket World has covered all the main events in world cricket including World Cup finals, milestones achieved by the likes of Muttiah Muralitharan, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar, the spot fixing trial, the Ashes as well as producing videos about cricket at all levels.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympics | Golf Digest

The very great British that challenge Hitler in the Olympics 1936 Games. Home of the annual Hot List, instructional videos, news and trends, Golf Digest is the definitive destination for all-things golf.

Article Content Fire: Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympi...

Article Content Fire: Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympi...: Tommy Thirsk & Arnold Bentley Olympics 1936             A look at the history of golf in the Olympics and how it regained a ...

Article Content Fire: Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympics & Tommy Thrisk - Arnold Bentley

Article Content Fire: Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympics & Tommy Thrisk - Arnold Bentley

Article Content Fire: Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympics & Tommy Thrisk - Arnold Bentley

Article Content Fire: Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympics & Tommy Thrisk - Arnold Bentley

Olympic Preview: The History Of Golf In The Olympics & Tommy Thrisk - Arnold Bentley

Tommy Thirsk & Arnold Bentley Olympics 1936

Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 1 Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 2
Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 4 Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 5 Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 6 Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 7 Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936 8 Tommy Thrisk & Arnold Bentley olympics 1936

A look at the history of golf in the Olympics and how it regained a spot after an 112-year absence from the Games.
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Home of the annual Hot List, instructional videos, news and trends, Golf Digest is the definitive destination for all things golf.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics

At hand have been Lots of Accurately memorable moments In the field of the black story where the blatant Inequality of racial discrimination has been dramatically Position on display. The 1936 Olympics in Hitler’s Germany may be present one of the most dramatic Since of what the madman sought after toTake place and what truly happened.
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics  The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 9 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 7
Hitler was contented to horde the Olympics because he felt it was an opportunity to put on display one of his Central part philosophical concepts which was the superiority of the Aryan Tribe. Or to put extra bluntly, Hitler wanted to confirm the superiority of the Pallid man on the Olympic fields. Looking Earlier on his arrogance, and knowing what we do at the moment, you incredulity how he could Comprise been so acutely wrong about something. But if he had not at all questioned that assumption, he should have known it the serious Re-evaluated following the Berlin Olympics.
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 6 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 5
Once again, it was the a Malewhose name in black memoirs has become one of abundant pride that turned the Generation for justice and equality. That man was Jessie Owens who came to persons Olympics not to make a racial statement or father movement but to do his Paramount and show his pride as a black man, as an American and as an athlete. And that pride showed through as he won four gold medals and turned Hitler’s hopes for an Aryan gambol over the black man to dust.
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 22 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 21 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 20
Hitler's Reply was infantile and Repellent raid out of the stadium as Owens won incident after incident and then refusing to shake Jessie’sGive when the epoch to reward the medals came. But there is one more piece to this False hood that sheds another light on where we were in black history at that Epoch. And that was the Undergo Jesse Owens had in Germany from the Additional athletes and from the German citizens who were warm and welcoming to him and treated him as the strong hero he was as a result of his terrible events.
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 19 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 18 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics
History tells us that during the elongated jump struggle, Jesse’s German competitor Lutz Long gave him advice and was friendly throughout the competition. As he continued to Place on display his remarkable athletic skill, the German citizens, some 110,000Persuasive cheered him receptively and eagerly asked him for his signature when he was on the streets after the clash. In information, Owens enjoyed equality that is General among athletes as he traveled with his fellow white athletes, ate with them and stayed in the same living accommodations with them, something that would Assert been out of the Inquiry in America at the Calculate.
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 16  The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 15 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 11
There are scores of Teaching can Pick from Jesse’s come across beyond that noticeable that Hitler’s ideas of Aryan ascendancy were profoundly wicked and distasteful to all mankind, not just to the victims of discrimination. We see that equal in a Association that has Turn into characterized as racist, such as Germany in the 1930’s, the people, the mutual everyday folk of Germany had no room in their hearts for such racism that was being short of upon them by their leadership. Thisbe capable of being a source of inspiration and Possibility for every of us and an encouragement not to presuppose a people who we capacity even perceive as being racists for the reason that many times the High-quality people, the Regular everyday people will have nothing to do By such evil.
The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 14 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 13 The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics 10
And we can celebrate this Terriblevictory in a very Problematicalcircumstance in which it wasn’t speeches that proved that Tribe or colour or creed don’t make a man Better-quality. Instead, it is the talent, the integrity, and the Fiercely work of each Characteristic that shows the characteristic that is from within. Jesse Owens demonstrated that Level to the likes of Adolph Hitler. And we have that Occasion to demonstrate that Equivalent assumption every time in our daily lives.

Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy (OOYA) shape our leaders beyond the 2010 Winter Olympics

The Ontario Olympic Youth Academy provides a perfect environment for your high school leaders to experience and consider sports management, education or coaching as a career. Witness to this 4-day workshop-format conference in Ottawa Canada proved these teenagers have the leadership and will to make a difference in their schools and their communities, all through the creation of sports and physical activity programs. All provinces should now be actively supporting this youth leadership forum.
Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy  Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 3   Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 1
Leadership in our Canadian youth is pervasive and active. As a volunteer, I was witness and observer to an extraordinary 4-day conference hosted by the University of Ottawa (May 11-14). This year's theme was “Making a Difference”. The delegates to this 2006 Ontario Olympic Youth Academy, were fifteen Ontario students representing their high schools. These students confirmed that our youth will bring a new order of leadership to this country, their province, and their communities. OOYA is sponsored by Sports Alliance of Ontario, OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations), and the Canadian Olympic Committee. The Ontario Olympic Youth Academy is held each year and serves 2 purposes:
1) To share the magic of The Olympic Games in a 'hands on' format by debating, discussing, discovering, meeting, networking, playing, laughing in an active & dynamic 4-day conference.
 To meet Olympic athletes, coaches, organizers and managers and hear them speak about the impact The Olympic Games has had on their lives. Working long hours, this group of engaging teenagers was involved in interactive presentations and group workshops. Through the team sports of Dragon Boat Racing and a modified Olympic Games event, the group showed their ability to focus as a unit and meet goals. The delegates developed Sports and Exercise programs that can easily and immediately be introduced in their respective schools and communities. 
Programs are like:
1) “Clean Play Starts with a Clean Place to Play”,
 “Mini Olympic Days” to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to Grades 5 & 6, are designed for both athletes and non-athletes and help shape high school students into leaders. 
Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 9  Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 7
Appearance by guest speakers included:
1) Sue Holloway, Honorary Chair of OOYA - Silver and Bronze Olympic Medalist for kayaking (1980-Los Angeles). Ms. Holloway is the first female to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics (1976 - kayaking and cross-country skiing).
2) Shaunna Burke - second Canadian female to reach the summit of Mount Everest (spring 2005).
Pierre Lafontaine, CEO Swimming Canada - recently, Head coach for Australian Institute of Sport, and before that the Phoenix Swim Club of Arizona. Mr. Lafontaine led 4 and 8 medal swimmers to Olympic victories in 2004 and 2000 respectively.
4) Marg McGregor - Chef de Mission 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England.
5) Greg Joy - Silver Medalist and world record for high jumping 1976 Montreal Olympics.
6) Marc Leger – 2005 Canadian delegate at the International Olympic Academy in Greece.
7) Dr. Gene Sutton, Chair OOYA and National Olympic Academy, Director of the COC Board, and Canada’s Chef de Mission for the 2003 Pan American Games team.
8) Michael Chambers - President Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). These speakers had a profound impact on the delegates. The Academy ended on a high note with an emotional closing ceremony during which each delegate lit a candle from the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games Torch!
However subtle, a key message was woven throughout the conference presentations by the Canadian Olympic athletes, Olympic coaches, and Sports executives. And that message: to have these future leaders consider sports management, sports coaching, and sports education as career options. This message was effectively introduced and appreciated by the delegates. Some delegates openly shared their renewed consideration for sports education/management as a career choice.
Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 8  Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 6
Currently, there is a number of active Provincial/Territorial (PTOAs) Olympic Youth Academy Programs:
1) Quebec Youth Olympic Academy
2) Ontario Olympic Youth Academy
3) Alberta Youth Olympic Symposium
4) BC Olympic & Paralympic Youth Leadership Academy
5) Nunavut Youth Olympic Academy
As a youth sport educational forum, the various Olympic Youth Academies, are an excellent way to introduce Canadian Youth to career and volunteer opportunities and rewards associated with national, provincial, community sports management/coaching, and sports education. The Olympic Youth Academies provide an expanded opportunity to share the Canadian Olympic Dream whether as an athlete, a coach, an organizer or a volunteer. Expanding and funding the Olympic Youth Academy Programs to each and every Canadian Province and Territory has been an ongoing initiative of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). Each province should embrace this youth leadership forum. It is a perfect program to parallel the COC initiative Own the Podium 2010
Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 4  Ontario Sports and Olympic Youth Academy 2

Winter Olympics Teaching Tips

Here are some Winter Olympics teaching tips and a list of Winter Olympic events.
Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 18  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 11  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 10
Do you recognize the names Giant Slalom, Luge, and Curling? Yes? Then you must be ready for the Winter Olympics! Here are a few suggestions to make them more meaningful to your children:
1. Let each child or small group of children choose an event to research. The events may be their favorites or ones they would like to know more about. (NOTE: A list of Winter Olympic events is at the end of this article.)
2. Tell the children what you want them to find out...the history of the sport, the rules of it, the equipment needed, people who have performed that event in past Winter Olympics...whatever you decide. This will keep them focused and help them write their reports using main ideas. 
Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 17  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 16  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 12
3. Classify the Olympic events into categories. Which take place in the snow? On the track? On the rink?
4. Make a video collage with snippets of each event.
5. Hold your own Winter Olympics! If you live where it does not snow, use props that can substitute for skis (shoeboxes, foil), ski poles (broomsticks), and whatever else you can find. Amend the rules for your age group. For the Medal Ceremony, use gold, silver, and copper pens to make the ribbons. Have your children sequence the activities in which they participated.
6. Alphabetize the names of the Olympic events.
7. Use a TV Guide to practice reading schedules and find the days, times, and channels for specific sports.
Here is a list of Winter Olympic events:  
Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 15 Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 7  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 2
Giant Slalom, Luge, Curling, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Freestyle Aerials, Biathlon, Super-G, Ice Dancing, Cross Country, Combined Downhill, Slalom, Short Track, Bobsleigh, Nordic Combined, 
Figure Skating, Freestyle Moguls, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, Downhill, Skeleton
Enjoy the Winter Olympics!
Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 13  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 8  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 6  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 5
I hope these ideas are useful and inspire your own creative thinking.
And remember...Reading is FUNdamental!
Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 9  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 4  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 3  Winter Olympics Teaching Tips 1Winter Olympics Teaching Tips