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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

The Future Of This Planet That We Call Earth


The Future Of This Planet That We Call Earth

Because THE AGE OF WAR SWIFTLY nears its end, as did Bronze, Iron, Medieval, and Modern. Soon the new age will begin.

And for that we, all of us must swift away gradually this still age of War.

Believe me and some of my friends, it is like that.

If we and all of us want to end all the issues, problems that torment the Earth-World today, we and all of us have living now!

Otherwise this new age without War don't come easily and come in brutal manner, because we and must of us don't want or leave swiftly the age that we and all of us are still living , the age of War, and to pass all of us living in the new age without of War.

This maybe crazily or quite sure, or sure an idea of fulls, but all good things that the Humanity had, comes from fullest ideas! Isn't it????

Give it a chance, an opportunity to be! Please???

You, me are amongst the first of your species to see its Light and heed the sounds of its approach.

The next age is filled with ideas and advancements never before seen and hardly imagined by even the the brights minds of our civilization.

In a future society in which war is obsolete, the human species will be freed to develop to its fullest potential. The next age is filled with ideas and advancements never before seen and hardly imagined by even the brightest minds of our civilization. In a future society in which war is obsolete, the human species will be freed to develop to its fullest potential.

Of Technological advancements have permeated the timeline of the human species at sporadic times. Recent years have shown a rapid increase in the proliferation of ideas: s sign that humanity is nearing a stage of evolution previously undiscovered.

For decades the men and women with Light has withheld major technological discoveries and hindered the development of ideas that are key to our future. These have no place in a age of War – knowledge goes to the highest bidder, and warriors use knowledge to create weapons.

But all will change. Soon the technology they have reserved will be made available for all, but for all.

Wires are an arcane method of transmitting energy and communication.

They reside in the physical form, and like all things physical, they decompose and deteriorate. They require resources to establish and more resources to maintain, creating an imbalance of power. Those who build the wires – and the tunnels and towers that carry them – control the energy and communication of everyone who walks above and bellow.

Even our leaders are powerless when faced with those who own the wires that carry their commands.

In a short time, our scientists will discover an energy source hidden in the air in our planet that has gone undetected for the entire of our species. This discovery will send a tremor through societies that are built upon the need to survive. When energy and communication are easily available to all, and in unlimited supply, the Earth and the World can function without the need for one country to invade another simply to fill the needs of its people.

New methods of food and water production have been experimented in some hidden laboratories, and proven successful. Free-flowing energy allows for devices to perfect the conditions pf plants and creatures to their utmost performance, leaving nothing to waste and creating plenty for all without the need for harmful chemicals.

Devices to alter the weather of this planet that we love do much, have been already been developed in several secret labs across the globe.

When every space of our planet cab be atmospherical altered and maintain the highest quality of life, there will be room for all people to live and to thrive.

Wastelands will become paradises, allowing every human to occupy miles of the Planet and for the nurturing of crops where nothing has been grown before.

The earliest developments in digitally printed materials have already begun in our societies. As these technologies advance, homes will be constructed in minutes instead of months, and new limbs or organs will be grown to repair or replace those that are faulty.

Tiring work can be done by advanced machines that need no rest. Without the need for labor, humans will dedicate their minds to the collective advancement of their species.

These times approach, but have not yet arrived. Humans are creatures who have not yet mastered their impulses.

The instinct to arm another of its own kind is one that the human species is never born with but only learns from those around it.









And we have so many examples in recent years like the years before the WWII, that Germany hasn't resources to build, land, wealth, food a great country “Father Land”, and live in abundance, and at that time they have a couple of millions of inhabitants!

And after the war, with their country completely destroyed, and years after, with much more inhabitants, with less land, they are one of the richest country in the planet.

And in peace build one of the amazing countries on the planet, the European Union, with the base to build the United States of Europe.

And many, many examples all we have in recent years!

But just because the human species choose to remain in the age of War.

The planet we live in upon is the same rock that will carry life into greatness promised by the future. Humans choose to remain in the age of War because they know no different than to fight and kill for their survival: an eternal competition for resources required to remain alive.

Value is created in scarcity. Diamonds are only cherished because of their rarity, as are food and water in impoverished societies.

If diamonds rained from the sky instead of water drops, they would be worthless.

But in the new age, with no scarcity of energy, or food, or water, or anything that a human requires to thrive, there will be no need for hoarding or stealing. Country lines, allegiances, and borders will become obsolete. The urge for war will be eradicated.

These new circumstances will usher in a world where all may be wealthy and coexist in the peace of Abundance, while our leaders turn their focus to the true advancement of our species as a whole.




Do not quarrel ourselves over trivial political or religious labels and names, for these will vanish and bear no influence in the coming age.

Strive instead for the betterment of our world in preparation for what is to come, and for our purpose in the Universal Design.

Fear nothing that lies ahead, nor the bursting sounds that echo across our red horizons. This is the sign that help is on the way.